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First Base


Our signature 7-setting USB Rechargeable bullet vibrator.

The reviews speak for themselves.

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568 reviews for First Base

  1. Mia

    Small but a mighty mf, love!

  2. Mayaan

    Pattern 3 is everything i never knew i needed

  3. Sophie

    It’s like the superman of bullets.

  4. Georgia

    Small but works wonders! Love that there’s 10 settings ! Thank you 🙂 x

  5. Becca

    Flatmates are made up cos I’m not stealing batteries out the remote anymore. 5 stars.

  6. Fran

    Love the box, how it came and how I’ve cum ha, thank you x

  7. Alice

    Soooooooo good xx

  8. Luce

    It’s feels really nice and is so fun to use, just an overall good time!

  9. Liv

    I’ve had a bullet vibrator before and this completely blows it out the park, really impressed especially for the price.

  10. Sophie

    Telling everyone I know about you, super important message

  11. Amy

    By far the best bullet I’ve had, love all the different patterns and it feels so nice to touch. Overall really happy with the quality and service.

  12. Claudia

    This is my first vibrator and has legit changed my sex life for the better. The packaging it comes in is so cute too xxx

  13. Rosie

    The ultimate vibrator – you need one!!!

  14. Emily

    Threw most of my toys out after reading the toxic toys blog and bought this lil guy. SO good and powerful xo

  15. Mieke

    Small but mighty! Highly recommend 💜

  16. Chelsia

    Felt like my first orgasm again. It was fucking amazing!
    Also the candy that came with this was delish.

  17. Gio

    Amazing. Love everything you stand for. And seriously good customer service.

  18. eva

    you’re all complete babes . love it.

  19. Ross

    So good, the perfect way to escape isolation, and the battery last for ages.

  20. Lottie

    Love this! And love the message – made isolation that little bit more bearable ❤️

  21. Jane

    Beats all my previous clitoral vibrators. Setting 3 and 6 made isolation really fun for me. Told all my friends about it, it’s beyond amazing 💕💕💕💕

  22. Rachel

    I’d go as far to say that this is the best vibrator I have ever owned (and I’ve owned a few)!!!

  23. Annie

    Honestly, fucking brilliant!

  24. Ashley

    This thing is fucking amazing. Telling all my friends xo

  25. Margot

    Really improving my isolation vibe hehe

  26. Zara

    Keeping me having a good time in iso xxx

  27. Syeda Noshin O Mahmud

    Really amazing, thanks for the ice cream as well. Made my week

  28. Alex

    Soooooo unbelievably good – thank you ❤️

  29. HCA

    BRILLIANT. Delivered by hand, yummy sweets and best vibrator I’ve ever bought tbqh

  30. Chloe

    Amazing delivery came quick 😉. But first base, is boom and the packaging is 👌. I would definitely recommend and it’s so powerful.

  31. Beatrice

    Came the next day as promised, really cute packaging and stickers, loved the snacks xx thanks guys and the vibe really packs a punch hehe

  32. Aimie

    I’m not going to lie. I was mostly sold by super cute branding and packaging.
    My parcel of joy was hand-delivered on Sunday afternoon full of stickers and some sweets.
    Initially I was impressed by the look and feel of the vibe. Really smooth and soft.
    I’ve not used a bullet before and wondered how powerful it would really be, it did not disappoint. Like not at all.
    Lots of settings to play with. I personally like the pulsing for build-up.
    Overall I’d say; It’s small but mighty. I highly recommend.

  33. Phoebe

    If you’re hesitant to buy this because you’re not sure, DONT HESITATE. Legit the coolest thing ever, made my sex life incredible. Also it’s such a gorgeous company and the packaging and care which went into the delivery is lovely.

  34. Lou

    Literally one of the best vibrators I’ve ever owned. I’m a power queen and I’ve met my match. Excellent packaging and bonus gifts too.

  35. Marie

    Wow. So mighty yet so tiny – worth every single penny. A really special delivery too! 🍑

  36. Ruby Mckee

    Absolutely great, came in discrete packaging.
    The package was great with yummy sweeties in it too! And the socks have kept me so warm. Thank you! xxxx

  37. Ellie

    Wow. Just wow. Even just looking at the settings when getting out the box and my hands are numb. Love all of the extras too! Genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever bought 🖤

  38. Rowena Cox-Willmott

    Made me feel like a sexy sexy influencer. 10/10 review with the gorgeous packaging, the cracking socks to the NEXT DAY DELIVERY BY HAND and including sweets. Mind blown…and this is all before even trying out the vibrator. The actual vibrator is so nice and kind but with a very powerful kick. Thanks a lot.

  39. Ellie

    The philosophy and aims of the company, the support they offer and the sex-positive nature is why I order Mabel. To be honest, I’m not new to bullets, but I’ve struggled getting anywhere with them. But, I’m an optimist, and I thought I’d give it another go.
    I don’t live in London so had to wait for it to arrive via a postie, but it was worth the wait (in total about 5 days, but this included a weekend). Handwritten note, sweets, stickers, leaflets, fair trade lube, the whole shebang.
    Some of you are probably thinking £25.99 is expensive for a bullet. Let me tell you. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

  40. Siobha

    Beautiful design, great product, important ethos, amazing customer service!
    Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

  41. Katriana

    mabel is 💦💦💦I’ve just had the best orgasm. It felt like the back of my brain was being stroked by Jesus x

  42. Bella

    Amazing next day delivery. Great little gadget for these lonesome times. Thanks!

  43. Shan

    I cant actually believe how powerful mabel is! Literally felt like I was leaving my body with my orgasm 😅💦
    The packaging is incredible and it arrived so so fast! Amazing product and amazing team!

  44. Michelle

    Great product, beautiful packaging, and quick delivery! Thank you <3

  45. Jess

    So GOOD. Small but mighty and literally arrived in 2 hours after ordering. Would recommend.

  46. Megan S

    Best vibrator I’ve owned – hands down (my pants 😉)
    Love that there is so many settings to choose from (1,3,4 are my favourite at the moment) and it’s definitely the most powerful that I’ve owned. Plus the socks, stickers, and other extras make it even better! Thanks 🍑

  47. Jac

    Brilliant service and packaging. Ordered arrived same day text me to say it arrived. Packaging was incredible along with sweets stickers note care package. Fantastic customer service

  48. Tori

    this thing is f****ing amazing 💦💦💦💦💦💦

  49. Cecilia

    My first ever vibrator (iso has me a new woman) and I picked the BEST brand – the packaging made me feel empowered and not at all intimidated, and I’ve had more orgasms in three days than the preceding three months of 2020 🤷‍♀️ arrived next day. I like to warn up with a 1, edge with 4 and finish with 3

  50. Goff

    i have had 3 vibrators before this one and they all pale in comparison! small but mighty and quiet, perfect size honestly it is such good value for money. and I absolutely love the colour as well! and it came with sweets and a handwritten note so I am a very very happy customer and will be recommending this to all my friends x

  51. Amaani

    Honestly I don’t know how I thought a single speed vibrator was enough when this bad boii exists- plus speed number 3 is fully worth the hype trusssss 😍😍😍

  52. Lucy

    Small and mighty bullet, which is perfect for lockdown and beyond. It’s my first rechargeable vibrator and the power behind it, is really something. I came very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the various settings. Everyone is right about setting 3.

    It’s a bit louder than I expected but I used it when my housemate was out!!

    Also arrived in discreet packaging and beautifully wrapped inside.

  53. Immy Bawtree

    honestly, the shower head and colgate electric toothbrush could never. the first speed setting is what your old bullet vibrator WISHES she could achieve at her prime. i have to say, since isolating at my family home with my priest father- it’s been difficult to find time to get down to me time business, without fear of even small vibrations being heard- but with an addition of a new very loud plug-in fan, all my dreams are possible without fear. thanks, mabel (i’m sure you’re silent enough anyway).

  54. Natalie

    Have never tried a bullet vibrator before- so decided to bite the bullet (HA, sorry that was lame) and it is amazing, very powerful! The very fast delivery and packaging and little bits and bobs in the bundle were fab and I’m so pleased with it!

  55. Rachel McRae

    Tiny but powerful (and really liked the 10 different speeds/rhythms) and very, very well made. Came with jelly beans and stickers and a nice handwritten note and a wonderful little clit-zine – was like a delightful feminist (self)care package! Also appreciate the quick delivery. Great product and good politics – cannot recommend more! <3

  56. Kimberly

    powerful and pretty <3 I love this vibrator and the fact it comes hand delivered in such a lovely package is so lovely! 10/10 recommend!

  57. Maja

    Your old bullet could never 🙌🏽🙌🏽 the lowest setting on this is more powerful than the highest setting on any other bullet I’ve ever had lmao. Plus it’s cute and purple and matches my bedding so what more could I ask for in a vibrator tbh?? Aesthetics and orgasms getting me through isolation 💜💜💜

  58. Han

    Came well quick and so did I. Really thoughtful packaging, came as a gorgeous and thoughtful self-care package with loads of goodies. And the main event: Mabel is soooo good! 10 amazing patterns, not toooo loud and dead easy to charge. Get it girl!

  59. Nikki

    My first vibrator!! Was fantastic from both a shopping experience (not off-putting), great feminist energy, also same day delivery. I love the branding and messaging. The product itself has changed my life and have recommended to a friend who also bought one. #dirtygurtyforPM

  60. Nat

    Super quick delivery. Packaging was amazing as was the handwritten note that came with it. Love the vibe, love the socks, love everything. Plan to buy for all my friends!

  61. Amy

    LOVE everything about this company! Everything was so well packaged and came with lots of lovely little bits!…the vibrator?…it’s gooooood! It’s powerful! All those ladies on setting 3, I salute you…I couldn’t get past 2!

  62. Chloe

    So much love for this tiny but mighty vibrator. My whole experience with this site, from seeing a parcel on a friend’s Instagram to THIS VERY MOMENT, has been completely feffing delightful. I love the branding and the info on this website; the whole vibe of this store is so wholesome, shameless, feminist and inclusive, and it’s so refreshing and lovely. The vibrator itself is powerful and the material feels silky and beautiful – the size also means its adorable to me in the same way as a tiny tiny cupcake, which is great. I also got the snazzy socks, which I love. Delivery was fast, packaging was sustainable and gorgeous and zesty, interactions with the seller were wholesome. I even enjoyed the ‘purchase confirmation’ emails because they were sweet and had excellent gifs. I could enthuse forever. Super happy!

  63. Robyn

    BEST investment everrrrrr 😅💦

  64. G

    Since starting on an antidepressant I’d been struggling to orgasm like I used to. Til I met mabel; legit the best money I’ve ever spent. The packaging is v cute and the socks are my new favourite item of clothing. When I was reading the reviews before I bought it I was like “nah these girls are exaggerating, can’t be that good”. Well it is!

  65. Lil

    tbh I never leave reviews but had to in this case… The orgasm I had with First Base was insane, never had one quite like it – honestly, SUCH a game changer!!!

  66. Anna


  67. Jess

    I mean… wow. & the packaging is so good. Keep doing what you’re doing it’s amazing🧡

  68. Alice

    I was sceptical at first when I read the reviews about how great this vibrator is, but now I totally get it. I have recommended it to all my girlfriends! 10/10!

  69. Lou

    Brilliant vibrator and fantastic service . Thank you so so much ! Xxx

  70. Abby

    Used with my partner, was just the spice we needed. Branding is incredible, really feel like you’re receiving a proper treat. Got it as a gift from a top mate which was extra lovely, bought it for another as the package makes such a great present. Love the website too, especially the articles which are sooo interesting and confidence boosting! Love! Xxx

  71. Jaz

    blown away and my clit was too

  72. Meg

    Best bullet I’ve owned and such a reasonable price! The packaging is so beautiful too, and with all the extras that it comes with it really feels like such a treat when it arrives.

  73. Lou

    Believe the hype.
    Great little collection of extras in the package. Best investment I’ll make all year. Everyone definitely needs one of these.

  74. henna

    By far the best vibrator I have ever used! It is 100% the vibrator of my dreams and keeping me going through lock down.

  75. Rach

    Mind blowing, seriously worth the hype!

  76. Emily Phillips

    Not only is the vibrator absolutely amazing – especially for a bullet! – but the service was excellent and having my order hand delivered felt personal and made me appreciate supporting a small business so much more!

  77. Meg

    Amazing bullet. Loved the packaging and extra touches too. Felt personal and made me feel empowered to masturbate as a woman!

  78. Taizer

    Mindblown 🤯

  79. Bronwyn

    You know when you really really want to sneeze, yeah, like that but in your vagina. Then it happens and it’s the most satisfying sneeze and all you really want is to sneeze that exact same way again.

  80. Bella

    Loving you is easy cos your clitifull xox

  81. Izabella

    This is, absolutely, my best purchase of lockdown. And absolutely my best toy. I’m even happier it came from a company with such an amazing ethos. I 💖 Dirty Gurty.

  82. Lennie

    Mabel is THE BEST. Like oh wow. The settings are unreal. My clit was still fluttering afterwards and that has never happened before 😅hope that’s not tmi

  83. Caoimhe May

    Mabel is AMAZING. The settings knocked me off my feet (literally, I couldn’t stand in the shower) and oh my I laughed hysterically afterwards because I just felt so good, like a massive seratonin rush. GET IT

  84. Cornelia

    I’m honestly impressed by how powerful this is! Great product, cute and thoughtful packaging, amazing company ethos!
    Keep going, and please make more toys.

  85. Aimee Creasey

    I honestly can’t believe how good this is, the orgasm I had from this was incredible and like no other I’d had before, definitely one of my best purchases ever! X

  86. Hannah

    I can’t believe how powerful this vibrator is! I love the whole package! This is the best lockdown purchase I’ve made (and there have been many) xo

  87. Sara

    Best bullet I’ve owned! Looks and feels good quality, packaging is very on trend, and loved the personal touches of a little note, some stickers and jelly babies. I’ve used it for me (incredible) and also my boyfriend loved it! Already started sharing the website with loads of friends!

  88. Hannah

    Came so hard the first time I used it I think I died a bit! Thanks Vic xxx

  89. Fiona

    All the fun of the fair. Consistently mind-blowing. Buy it now, and buy one for a friend.

  90. Holly Pearson

    I’m 22 but it’s like I’ve rediscovered the power of my clit and how good pleasuring it can feel. Bloody brilliant little vibe, I’m addicted.

  91. Sian

    If you think you can last longer than 30 seconds with this otherworldly vibe, then you’ve lost your mind. Buy one for yourself and your mates so they don’t get FOMO

  92. ellie

    i highly recommend 💦💦💦

  93. Nikola

    Amazingly powerful bullet, tell a friend to tell a friend because wow.

  94. Erin

    Holy S**t…….. BUY IT! BUY IT NOW… you honestly will not regret it! Oh also setting 3… I love you and thank you.

  95. Patricia

    I thought that I knew all about good toys and then I tried Mabel. Wow! Best orgasms ever.

  96. Harriet

    This is hands down one of the finest purchases I’ve ever made! Can not recommend enough 💜

  97. Morgan Murray

    First vibrator I bought as a single woman and best thing I’ve ever done!! I love it and love the company✨

  98. Maddie

    Mind blown 🤯 let the gals know about this one!

  99. Lila

    Just the perfect match !

  100. Aine

    Genuinely never felt anything like it. Unreal

  101. Lisa H

    Absolutely amazing! The personal handwritten note and packaging just made it so special. Just love everything about this little company. Wish you sold more things 👏🏽

  102. Emma

    Where my depressed girls at?! I had my first multiple orgasms since starting on SRRIs and if that isn’t the highest testament to a vibrator I don’t know what is! Also loved the packaging and little leaflets- and the general sex positive vibes. Have recommend to several people already!

  103. Lauren

    Love mabel I have a draw full of toys but there’s never a day I don’t go straight to mabel!

  104. Katie M

    I love mabel! All the different settings I love, never felt anything so intense

  105. Artie

    INCREDIBLE!!! honestly did not think such a small thang could do such a good job! Plus delivery is so quick in London and it’s such a joy to open! Love love love

  106. Dorothy Richards

    So impressed with this! Rechargeable, surprisingly powerful and gorg packaging with cute extras at the lowest price point I’ve seen for this kind of toy 💗

  107. Fionnuala Ravelle

    Simply divine

  108. Yasmin

    Best orgasm ever 🎉

  109. Zahra

    Decided to go for it so I could check out the 3rd speed that people went on about. Let’s just say third’s the charm 😉 also I love that the charger port is covered, makes you feel cleaner using it 🥰 p.s. the jelly beans are a fun snack to have afterwards!!

  110. Monika

    Love at first buzzzz <3

  111. Emily

    Like many women I went through some slightly fucked up shit and it forced me to start from scratch in taking ownership of my body and seeing myself and my pleasure as valuable again. This toy and this whole site has played a huge role in helping me own my sexuality on my own terms with the added benefit of this little toy being fucking insane

  112. Lou

    I have vaginismus, which means penetrative sex can be pretty tricky to say the least! It’s always made me nervous to explore my own body or feel comfortable enough to experience pleasure! Mabel is very comfortable and VERY pleasurable!! Looking forward to continuing getting to know my body better and see my body as valuable <3 THE CLIT IS LIT

  113. Amelia Jane

    You will not regret buying this. The body and sex positivity of the company is beautiful and so encouraging for someone who’s really struggled with sexual wellbeing.
    Overall just an amazing product, I haven’t even tried anything other than the first setting because it feels so good!
    The material is super soft and great quality, plus I love the colour. The information booklets are super helpful as well, the stickers are mega cute and the sweets were super tasty! I loved the personal note as well.
    I could write forever about this, but the bottom line is I encourage anyone considering it to buy it!

  114. Jess

    So fun to use with all the different settings. Helped me get rid of a flakey guy I was seeing.

  115. Frances

    An amazing and positive company that has help me explore and find my sexuality after a pretty shit time. Thank you so much for making me feel like the powerful woman I am.

  116. Beth

    Love it! Looks great, female owned business, lovely packaging, non-toxic, top notch orgasm. Can’t ask for any more!

  117. Georgia

    Haven’t owned many vibrators – however I won’t ever try another one again as mabel is THE ONE! Nearly drowned in the bath (it’s waterproof 😉 thought I was turning it off but turns out I was turning up the speed and fck me I haven’t ever orgasmed so fast in my life, I didn’t stop shaking for a good half an hour 😂 Highly recommend!!! You need to buy this now! Also the packaging is the best and the sweets are lushhh

  118. E

    Mabel is so cute and so powerful, just like the orgasms it gives. Everyone with a clit should have one! THANK U <3

  119. Tayla


  120. ed

    Brilliant – bought one for several friends. Share the love!

  121. Jess

    Very powerful for something so tiny. I cum so quickly with it. The sweets are delish although I got more orange than pink and the pink ones are so my favourite

  122. J

    Really great and recommend – love your ethos!

  123. Poppy Bradley

    Best orgasms I’ve ever had, can’t recommend enough!!

  124. Anna

    all I can say is yes xxxxx

  125. Lou

    Where has this been all my life! It’s been a revelation to me. Love the brand and the packaging as wel

  126. Alice

    Absolutely incredible, every pattern makes me cum. If you haven’t bought one, buy one now xxx

  127. Jennap

    Literally amazing. My favourite thing. Could replace my boyfriend tbh

  128. Alex

    Diamond! Best £25.99 I’ve ever spent!
    Packaging and sweets are lovely bonus to a fantastic product! 🎉 thank youuuuuu xx

  129. Lynsey

    Wowzers. That 3rd setting. Best £25 I’ve spent- Enjoy!

  130. Meg

    I had my doubts because of its size but this small thing is mighty powerful and my god it has changed things up. I love going through the different settings it’s so fun to play with. 10/10 would recommend

  131. Charlie

    It’s a banger of a vibrator. Slick and sexy. Great for beginners.

  132. vicky2467

    Mabel is AMAZING!!!!! i recently bought mine on a spur of the moment purchase and im so glad I did. I tried it out with my boyfriend and honestly he wasn’t really needed haha. its incredible and so powerful. Hands down best £25 I’ve ever spent. Thank you!!!!!!

  133. Lily

    OMG this is probably the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. I nearly screamed. Will recommend to just about everyone I know! JUST WOW!

  134. Amelia

    From the packaging and sweets to the product itself. This is worth the money!! Best quarantine purchase yet!

  135. Hannah

    Love, love, love everything about this! The branding & the company ethos are everything❤️
    So easy to buy and to track the speedy delivery.
    The vegan sweets and the handwritten note are such a cute touch.
    Actual product is the mind blowing – so many different modes & it’s so powerful!! So much sturdier than my last battery powered thing and miles more pleasurable.
    Spreading the word, everyone needs one of these xoxo

  136. Mo

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Everything from the packaging, the handwritten note, the cute little info, jelly beans and stickers were a super lovely touch, but the product itself is obviously the star of the show! I’ve already had some fun times with it myself and now going to introduce it to my other half, there’s always room to spice things up, so that’s Dirty Gurty 😬

  137. Bec


  138. R

    Packaging was so cute and the handwritten note was lovely. The actual vibrator itself, I think my soul left my body. For something so tiny it’s so powerful and also just perfectly shaped? I own a few vibrators and this is by far the best. It’s small enough I could chuck it in my bag to travel without being conscious of it, waterproofing is great to use in the shower and easy to clean, slightly loud quarantined with family but fine in the shower, not that I could bring myself to care about anything else when I was actually using it. In summary the best orgasm of my life xox

  139. Laura

    Best £25 I’ve ever spent! AMAZING!

  140. Erin


  141. pleased as punch

    best i’ve ever had. unexpected results. fab customer service too. don’t even think about not buying it.

  142. Holly

    It’s amazing, fantastic customer service. Definitely worth purchasing!

  143. Jess

    Can’t fault it at all! It’s a little pocket rocket that is so powerful! Probably used it everyday, multiple times…. haven’t had to recharge it yet!
    It also comes in the best packaging and with some added little treats!
    I want to buy one for all my friends 😂 Girls you need one! xoxo

  144. Molly Evans

    WOMEN. Thank you so much for this beaut lil treat. I’ve use Mabel solo and with my partner and it’s absolutely AMAZING. I love playing with the different settings and seeing how each one impacts way i orgasm… I’m cumming in ways I didn’t even know I could! 💕💕💕

  145. Emma

    This is absolutely incredible! So powerful and such an intense and amazing first orgasm from mabel. And it hasn’t disappointed since!
    All the settings are different and it has been great exploring them.

  146. Kate

    Love it! First one and what a way to start, gave me ALL the feels. Lovely packaging and super fast delivery. Go get you one!

  147. Sara

    Listen, I’ve been masturbating since I was around 12. I am certain that the orgasms I was experiencing for the last 15 or so years were not orgasms because THIS. WAS. NEXT. LEVEL.

  148. Beth

    My favourite. Never had a vibrator before but so glad I chose this one. Don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard and so quickly EVER!

  149. LYD

    First Vibrator and I love it!!
    Looks so slick and cool and gives all the good vibes 💜

  150. Iz

    PheNO-MENal!! Lush product, lush packaging, lush vegan jelly Beez. Couldn’t rec more. Small but jheeeez she’s mighty.

  151. Giulia

    My favourite vibrator of ALL TIMES. Listen, I’ve been masturbating every day since I was ten or so, I’ve had countless orgasms over the last 12 years and quite a number of sex toys, never liked one as much as I like First Base! Setting n. 4 ruined me for everything else and I’m not even joking

  152. Cat

    Hands down the best £25 I’ve ever spent

  153. Sam

    Amazing, already recommended it to my friends. Fully recommend to everyone else too! Love the company’s approach to sex and how positive it can be, the vegan sweets were great as well, 11/10 all round.

  154. steph

    this is straightup nothing like any other vibrator i have ever owned. so cute and so easy to use and jesus christ i thought i was gonna die. my bf loves it too – fuck freud.

  155. claire

    Love it, such a good time and love the range of settings

  156. Olivia

    Wow wow wow is exactly what I said whilst using this! Jesus my clit was in heaven. I suffer from vanginismus and thought I would never be able to get aroused down ghere but this vibrator shoved that thought out the window!! Game changer!! Thank you xxx
    PS highly recommend setting 1 and 4. .. thank me later 😝

  157. Kim Byrne

    This is the best vibrator I’ve ever used! It’s the perfect little number, with lots of different settings and guaranteed mind blowing orgasms every time! Good luck getting to level 3, I’ve only been able to manage it twice!

  158. Paris Wilder

    So so powerful!!! Super soft and a great size. And the bonus treats and package was the cherry on top. Highly recommend!!

  159. Maddie

    All I have to say is; you know that GIF of Leonardo Dicaprio biting his fist from wolf of Wall Street? Yeah. That’s exactly it

  160. Hannah Jelley

    So on point. I really love the this vibrator you can tell it’s designed by women as it always hits the spot. There are some great build up modes to bring you slowly to sweet speechless JOY. Also came it the best packaging! Such a great price too. Basically fucking great.

  161. Gemma

    Total magic. I bought first base to use with a partner who just wasn’t quite getting me there… I wanted something discreet enough to not get in the way of the intimacy of sex. Oh my days… I came in seconds. It is SO powerful that it has now replaced all my other toys. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Smart product, awesome brand – buy yours immediately!

  162. Jodie

    Ok, so. I brought this on payday whim (as i’m not usually a person that buys the more pricey toys) based on the reviews and and I have to say I think i’ll only be buying from independents from now on as a result of this lil’ dream.
    It’s so soft to the touch and powerful, the seven settings are ridiculous my partner loved switching between them as a tease when controlling it.
    I thought the reviews may have been to good to be true but that is not the case, first time use I came in less than two minutes. A serious upgrade from a standard bullet and a must in your collection. Buy it now, your post O glow will thank you later. Oh and the packaging is real cute, but I definitely did not cum in peace ;).

  163. Naomi

    As a newbie to toys I wasn’t sure what to expect but this totally lived up to the reviews. I feel sorry for the former me, especially in my single days, that I didn’t invest sooner. Love the different settings, and to top it off in comes in cute packaging and with sweets! Thanks for breaking my sex toy virginity in the best way!

  164. Hannah

    I’m only sad I didn’t invest earlier in lockdown! This was an amazing package to receive and was hand delivered to me in East London super quickly (Thanks Vic!) First Base is such an upgrade from a cold metal one speed bullet, the 7 settings are super fun (alone or with a pal) and will take you to a whole new realm of bliss. It’s also super soft, easy to grip and very easy to clean afterwards (the charging port is so clever!) I’ve already reCUMmended to at least 5 people.

  165. Andi

    First vibrator I’ve had and is the best thing I brought in 2020. Would highly recommend and Every1 should have 1!!!<3

  166. Meg

    My best purchase this month! The vibration pattern suits any kind of mood you’re in. The packaging is adorable and the hand written note is such a nice personal touch 😇 I love this product and I wanna say thank you so much 💚💚

  167. Emma Love

    never knew how to masturbate before but this legit changed my life. recommend to me by a friend and I’m so glad this was my first vibrator!! i’m going to be recommending this to everyone, it’s actually amazing

  168. Rachael

    First base has turned me into a wank-aholic – thanks so much VIc!

  169. Verity

    I’ve never tried out the “pattern” settings on other vibrators bc they’re normally rubbish – NOT THE CASE WITH FIRST BASE.

  170. Tia

    makes me wanna break up with my man cos men ain’t shit when u got this bad boy x

  171. anotherhappyfunky

    That’s a powerful pretty little thing ! Loved it ! And if you can make it higher than 4 ,uh la la !

  172. Ella

    Now an essential for whenever I leave my nest for a while. Added to the stuff I am very glad I have bought. Glad to be supporting such wonderful people as well! An amazing vibrator, for an amazing price for an amazing feeling 🙂 So chuffed with it

  173. Stella

    Only regret is buying this at the end of lockdown!! Its INCRED!!!

  174. Sara

    I love everything Naked Grapefruit stands for: education, sex positivity, self-love and pleasure! This little toy packs a lot of punch and is such good value for money. The ultimate self-care purchase and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

  175. Alex


  176. Ava

    The absolute tits

  177. Riley

    Clit orgasm > vaginal orgasm

  178. Ms. Dolmio

    Makes me feel like a bit of spaghetti that’s being boiled as I crumble into a wet soggy mess.

  179. Grace

    Woweee!! Spending £25 has never felt so good. Loved the vegan sweets too.

  180. Moz

    Sex now is just me using this while my boyfriend watching

  181. Amelia

    Phenomenal! First vibrator I’ve owned and if I’m honest. I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed before this bad boy! And if I have my god is this powerful. Was v skeptical at first but it lives up to the hype. 10/10 recommend

  182. Ri

    The packaging is perfect, the company is cute af and first base is five (thousand) stars✨

  183. lou

    so. good.
    looks adorable. feels amazing. packaging was thoughtful and so cute, the personal note was such a lovely touch. and the vegan sweets were faaabbb.
    I wish I could give more than 5 stars. everyone’s getting a first base for Christmas this year let me tell ya!

  184. S


  185. Tara Morpeth


  186. I


  187. Lucy

    First base is the absolute best and naked grapefruit is just an amazing business itself. Would like thank Vic for sorting out my package when had problems with delivery. Thank you so much and everyone needs to buy first base, love the Insta too ❤️Xxx

  188. Grace

    This is a great product, highly recommend!
    For use solo or with someone else!
    Delighted to be supporting small, local but powerful with my purchase.

  189. Rochelle Inch

    The First Base is fucking amazing! From the the 7 settings (setting 4 is well good for teasing yourself) to the smooth warm materials it’s made of, it’s 100% peeeerfect. I have been making a conscious effort to stay single but was getting the horn, now I have my FirstBase I may be single forever x

  190. Freya

    Life changing.

  191. Giulia WOB

    Almighty First Base, so small and yet so powerful. It made me cum in peace, many many times. Trust me, money invested in fun and vibrating moments!

  192. Molly

    First base is amazing, took me by complete surprise! I thought everyone was exaggerating until now! Love everything about this product especially it coming from a small, female owned business, the insta page is so empowering and what every woman needs to hear! I need to buy all my friends one for Christmas although they could ditch their partners after 30 seconds of using this vibrator😂

  193. Rachel

    Holy smokes. This is fantastic in every way and has made lockdown a whole lot more bearable! The packaging is also fantastic (thanks for the vegan sweets!), it was such a joy to open up the box and see all of the amazing goodies that you’d sent along with the vibrator. Keep up the good work

  194. J

    The range of this is amazing- the different settings make it easy to mix it up, the packaging and stickers are SUPER cute and the service was really fast. My new favourite vibe!

  195. Liv

    The stickers, the packaging, the sweets. I’m here for it. You are a queen Vic!
    First base = WAP

  196. Naomi

    I AM NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN… it took me under 30 seconds to cum with this incredible vibrator… something a man hasn’t been able to achieve in atleast 5 minutes. Men ain’t shit and ‘first base’ is my first choice. Setting 3!!!!!

  197. I

    oh boyyyyyy i love this vibe! such a great price for a powerful and versatile (and cute!!!) bullet, settings 1-3 are amazing for getting to the climax quickly, and then settings 4 onwards are sooo good for edging! actually love it thanks Naked Grapefruit 💜

  198. em

    I love it!!! nothing compares, i’ve had bullet vibrators before and this is just unbelievable!
    Settings 1 and 3 are amazing 😉

  199. T

    Don’t be overwhelmed by the initial aggressiveness, it’s absolutely worth it. Couldn’t even say which is the best setting because you need to sit through them all. The packaging is a delight to especially the sweets 🍬

  200. Mands

    Quite potentially the best thing since sliced bread. I wish First Base could offer lessons to boys who think they are the shit but clearly don’t know their shit

  201. Sameeyah

    Absolutely mind blowing!

  202. D

    Love everything about First Base. First time I bought a vibrator and its life changing, so so good. The packaging was also great (love the sweets) and all for such an awesome price. Buy it, you won’t regret it 😉

  203. B

    Makes me come consistently in less than a minute and I bring it out almost every time I have sex with a guy so I can still get off (and I think they like it’s smaller than them – ego you know). Great battery life, different settings are amazing too!

  204. Jessica

    Boys who? This is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on myself !! Highly recommend

  205. Min

    Guaranteed success every time!!!!!!!! The best around

  206. Olivia

    So great, just so great. Only sad I missed out on the socks!

  207. Rach

    Every gal needs one of these 😍

  208. Suzie

    Ah ma gawd! Did I cum in under a minute? Maybe….

  209. L

    Lovely bit of kit that every girl needs in their life.

  210. G

    Honestly, you need to do yourself a favour and buy one – you won’t regret it!

  211. T


  212. Chloe

    Absolutely love first base! Every girl needs one of these in her life!

  213. Egg

    So tiny yet so awesome. Didnt realise I’d been missing this from my life yet here we are. Mind-blowing orgasms at the ready

  214. Jess

    Got me reaching for this every day- don’t even care if my house mates hear

  215. Katie

    SMALL BUT MIGHTY. An absolute steal for the price. You’ll want to dump your shitty boyfriend for first base. LOVE

  216. Millie

    So much fun! Have enjoyed every orgasm I’ve had with it, which considering I’ve only had it about 5 days has been quite a lot xx

  217. Charlotte

    So great!

  218. Scarlett

    A new go to in my draw of toys 🤪

  219. e

    if ur considering buying this, BUY IT.

  220. Iz

    Bought after a break up and made me realise I should have broken up with him wayyyyy sooner ! 5 stars !!

  221. Georgia

    GAME. CHANGER. First Base puts all other bullets to shame! Absolutely insane orgasm made me feel incredible and comes in super cute packaging. Get it girls, honestly you can’t miss out on this one!!💦💦

  222. Katy

    So small yet So powerful! 10/10 would recommend

  223. Em

    Jesus Christ. So so damn good. No need for a boyfriend. Wayyyy better than any boy any day. Perfect for lockdown round 2 💗

  224. Eve

    Better than ur Boyf I promise xxxx

  225. Lily

    THE. BEST. VIBRATOR. EVER. 💦 even better when using during sex 😍

  226. clem

    ticks all the boxes. perfect for beginners like me, small and quiet but really powerful, really cute packaging and extra goodies and i love the brands message. if you cant decide what vibe to get GET THIS ONE

  227. Deanna

    I love it! Does a great job – obvs better than any guy can do. Such a cute colour as well!

  228. Helen

    Was recommended this product by two of my friends and I am so pleased to say they were absolutely right! This is the first vibrator I’ve ever bought and its been working wonders!

  229. Jordi

    Literally the best vibrator ever – however a small safety announcement.
    This gives me those convulsion, exorcism type orgasms, and I thought I’d try it in the shower on the low setting. In less than a minute I managed to hit my head off the bathroom wall and very very nearly slipped in the bath.
    Only from the safety of my bed from now on.

    Caution – it’s amaaaaaazing.

  230. Jessica

    Best money I’ve ever spent, recommended to all my friends and got them on the hype! PLUS the cutest packaging ever – best think to happen in 2020

  231. Phoebe Mead

    Really powerful vibrator. Also love using some of the settings that build up to practice edging with myself… Enjoy! Thank you for gorgeous package too.

  232. Luke n Ella

    Bought this for my gf and we love to cum! 🙂 Very fun

  233. Tori

    Physical proof men can easily be replaced. Pair this with a curved gspot wand – HEAVENNN 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 time. BRB I’ve made myself horny just thinkin about it…

  234. J

    I didn’t realise I could squirt until this but holy shit 💦💦 Big recommend and is an independent business what’s not to like?! Xx

  235. Elle

    Everything you want from a vibrator, been recommending to all my friends.

  236. S

    This is an INCREDIBLE vibrator! The packaging was also so nice!! and the handwritten note from Vic just made it really personal and lovely and I felt well taken care of! A really good investment 🙂

  237. EzPea

    TipTop Vibrator

    I was that shocked at how powerful it was i managed to pull my neck and shoulder out of pure shock.
    Was broken for 4 days but orgasms 🤘🏻Boys can’t do it, so gotta make up for it somehow

  238. Ruby

    What can I say? Honestly sensational. There are no other words to describe 1) this product and 2) the feelings and pleasure I get from this product. Who needs a partner when you’ve got first base?

  239. G

    Bought First Base for my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago.

    She was impressed with the packaging, goodies sent (including the stickers and personal note) and, most importantly, First Base itself.

    Definitely a great stress reliever, especially during this lockdown period!

  240. CGS

    What’s not to like ?
    Arrived fully charged.
    A variety of settings mean that no matter what your mood success is guaranteed EVERY time.
    It’s a rabbit hole I’m happy to disappear down!
    Packaging is discreet and just lovely.
    I’m having trouble keeping my experiences to myself!

  241. Beth

    Best vibrator I have ever used and lovely packaging. Recommend to all

  242. Jess

    Fuck me! Actually u don’t need to coz First Base has got me covereddd 💦💦💦 love it smm have been telling all my friends!!

  243. Raphaelle

    AMAZING!! Get it girls ✌️

  244. Abigail

    Best vibrator I’ve ever used, hands down. No more ridiculous morse code settings, even the patterns are great – and I’m normally a 1-3 girl.
    The packaging was beautiful as well, I want more feminist stickers! Fabulous experience through and through, 5/5

  245. S

    Brilliant product

  246. Ellie

    Honestly has made my lockdown 2.0. I have no need to ever go near a man ever again and I for one am GRATEFUL

  247. Molly Meredith

    Only one word to describe this product – unreal

  248. G

    Just um .. so good. Men aren’t shit, thank you first base xx

  249. L

    Great product and loved the cards and knickknacks 🙂

  250. Maddie

    So personal and brilliant

  251. Amy

    Absolutely mad, reviews are true.. blew my mind! For such a small vibrator it’s soo powerful!

  252. Sophia

    First sex toy I’ve ever bought, so powerful – my eyes have been opened, love it!

  253. Emily

    BUY THIS – it is unbelievable- i use speed 4 to get ready then 2 and 3 to 💦💦
    it helped me squirt for the first time ever
    Vic was also really helpful – great customer service

  254. Sophie

    Defo better than any ex! First time buying a vibrator (at the ripe old age of 24, can you believe?) and FB is perfect as its not one of those scary toys that are neon pink and veiny and have little wobbly rabbit ear bits…. its subtle, easy to use and does the job pretty damn well. Recommend!

  255. P

    Such a great toy! Only my second vibrator but I’m very happy with it. So easy to use, love the different settings and it’s great not having to use batteries. Really recommend! Also so lovely how they include sweets and stickers, probably the best packaging I’ve ever had

  256. Ella

    Best vibrator ever, quiet even though it can be pretty powerful.

  257. Luna

    Best. Orgasm. Ever. Damn. Your gonna shake and cream like a milkshake girl.

  258. Bella

    Best vibrator ever!! So powerful and love the colour x

  259. Lou

    Honestly love everything that Naked Grapefruit stands for! Also First Base is unbelievable. 10/10 in every sense. Support them!

  260. Sam

    Amazing product! Super service! Fab packaging!

  261. lulu

    the cutest packaging ever ! with sweets, a handwritten note, stickers and a little story book of the clit vs frued ! absolutely love the brand and everything it stands for, having been sharing and recommending to all my friends. the vibe itself is so small and cute and silcone feels really nice! also super super powerful settings 1,2 and 3 will blow you away ! also small enough to hold and maneoure into all the right places ! LOVE LOVE LOVE thank you naked grapefruit xxxx

  262. Ellie

    Arrived home from France to First base waiting for me 🥰 14 day isolation won’t be so bad after all.

  263. Katie Beardsley

    Best bullet i’ve ever had, hands down. Cute packaging, good all round experience. PS your instagram gives me life xx

  264. Niamh

    This thing is ace. The cute packaging! The zine! The stickers! And the vibe itself…hoooo boy. Would recommend 👏🏻

  265. Clio

    Very beautiful texture, v smooth to the touch. Didn’t know something so small could be so powerful!! Easy settings and love how it doesn’t need batteries – just a charge. Oh and the packaging is perfect.

  266. Halldora

    It gives you pleasure in such ways that the human being cannot do unfortunately and it is a pleasure that is necessary. I simply don’t know how I have lived before I bought this product that has made me so happy. I definitely masturbate way more than I used to do. Highly recommend xxx

  267. Rachel

    First Base is great! Love all the different settings. And the jellybeans.

  268. Claudia Knight

    I absolutely love this little thing! It charged up super quick out of the box and has got some reaaaal power in it! The colour is cute and it feels comfortable in your hand. Very pleased with it and would highly recommend for anyone looking for an addition to their collection.

  269. Kate

    Best investment! So powerful and love the sex positive ethos of this independent brand and my new friend 🙂

  270. Louise Gallon

    First base is like your hopes and dreams, the love of your life, a bottle of Malbec and tub of Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska all rolled into one tiny little purple package. Received it and immediately deleted hinge as I knew I would never have a need for a man again. Cannot recommend enough. No other vibe comes even close.

  271. Ceri

    Perfection! Never cum so hard in all my life, used it 5 times the first day it arrived💦 Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  272. c_mccusker

    What a bloody amazing vibrator. Unfortunately I have been forced to quit my job to spend more time masturbating with this purple hero.

  273. Ri

    Got First Base this week and have hardly put it down – incredible!!!!! That’s secret santa sorted for this year…

  274. xx

    Soft feel, easy to charge, cute size/colour, easy to use with a range of patterns/intensity and extremely powerful. Would highly recommend, couldn’t have asked for better.

  275. Sophie

    Unreal, groundbreaking, leg shaking shit.

  276. Rebecca Lockwood

    Honestly I’ve never actually owned a bullet style vibe. This hade me ‘there’ in literally seconds. I’ve only used internal toys/ combination. But I’m discovering the joys of the clit and my oh my does this hit the spot! As a sexually repressed individual finding herself after years of feeling shame related to pleasure… I’m so freaking happy! The settings allow you choice, do you want to orgasm right NOW, or build up and tease. So fun!

  277. Name

    What the fuck this is the best thing ever

  278. Ms SUPER Happy

    Best money I’ve spent this year!! Don’t hesitate just buy it 😉

  279. Anna

    Best thing ever. I never had any toys before and this had changed my life. I use it solo and with my partner.

  280. super pleased

    This product is amazing it has given me the best orgasms I’ve ever had

  281. Tom

    Bought it as a gift and they loved it. Awesome company 10/10 would gift again

  282. Kc

    Best product best brand ever! Amazing packaging and sustainable product – love love love – I’ve persuaded all my friends to buy and they love xx

  283. JN

    First bullet, great decision. Bought after seeing good reviews, not disappointed

  284. Jiji

    Amazing & Funny packaging !!

  285. MH

    Small but mighty, good for solo fun and couple fun. Would definitely recommend

  286. JM

    Whenever I’ve read or heard about mind-blowing orgasms making people lose all control of their bodies, I’ve never been able to relate… Now, finally, thanks to this magical little creation, I can relate(!!!) – WOW. Thank you thank you thank you xxx

  287. Louise

    Gurl i have never ever finished before… until I got this. she really did the job 💅🏻

  288. Aura

    It’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean that matters and boy does this little thing has powerful motions 😄 also you don’t need batteries so you’ll be saving the environment with every O you’ll have🌍

  289. Rox

    Fucking amazinggg

  290. Elleanor Woods

    Well, after using a fair share of sexual contraptions. I can honestly say, sometimes, size doesn’t matter. She packs a punch in all the right places and honestly made me cum quicker than any rampant rabbit (or man) ever has. Incredible product if you want to start your collection. Incredible product if you need an addition. PLUS you get sweets and stickers. 11/10.

  291. Em

    Fuck meeeee… Kidding dont cos THIS IS AMAZING

  292. Mia Passmore

    banging little biatch <3 feels mad ! and comes in the waviest packaging with stickers, a lil zine and vegan treats like YES PLS XX

  293. Kris

    When I say first base took me to heaven and back I’m under exaggerating. Never cum so fast or hard in my damn life.

  294. Jo

    My initiation to sex toys and it’s been amazing! Highly recommend it

  295. Rae

    I have owned a few vibrators but none of them really hit the spot if you know what i mean. They either weren’t waterproof, had limited settings, or were made of cheap metal with paint wearing down due to the – ahem – friction. first base is basically the perfect vibrator with seven very different settings (i’m sometimes skeptical of multiple settings but i have actually used all of these as they are so different!) in a lovely waterproof silicone package at a super reasonable price. Let’s just say the book club girls enjoyed their christmas gift… and they come packaged with stickers, jelly beans and a hilarious little illustrated booklet!

  296. Emily martin

    LOVE LOVE LIVE THIS PRODUCT! Highly reccomend, amazing packaging and lovely sellers. Worth every penny x

  297. Dee

    Wowzer !!! What an unexpected wallop First Base packs! Well Done Naked Grapefruit!! Seriously amazing product that is in complete alignment with the self-love ethos of the company. LOVED the book and just how special the package of treats, sweets and First Base made me feel.

    My Mr is similarly impressed by NG and their principles. Knowing how powerful it is, he also has his eye on First Base for playtime with me (!) may need to hide it ‘cause I’m not sure I could handle it.

  298. elise

    I actually bought this for my best friend! It was 12/10 the best gift to give. She told me it has changed her “self care” game on multiple levels. I can’t wait to buy one for myself! If there’s one thing you do in 2021 it’s buy this toy!

  299. Ellie Bowes

    such an amazing product and it’s so powerful to see women in such a male dominated industry,, amazing

  300. Lindsay

    The loveliest package to receive with loads of extras. The vibrator is the perfect size and is my “go to” toy now. I have a rabbit and a wand but this is all I need. My partner enjoyed using it with me too during sex. Easy to operate when you’re in the thick of it. Rechargeable too, all my other bullet vibrators from the past have been battery. This is a game changer! Worth every penny.

  301. Katie Wilkinson

    The best vibrator I’ve ever had.

  302. Alex

    Bought this for my best mate. She said its the best bday present to stop her making bad decisions

  303. Marnie

    I’m having efficient orgasms for all the women who historically haven’t had them. This bad girl is a wee gem and knowing it’s safe material and girrrllll power just makes the job more enlightened 😚

  304. Liv

    Totally fab!

  305. Fi

    Don’t hesitate in treating yourself to the absolute best lil bullet
    Fab packaging and extra touches are just lush 💜
    And omg yeah setting 3

  306. Heather Dawn Howarth

    Excellent, great toy and best I’ve had.

  307. Georgia

    Amazing! Lovely design and super discreet but very powerful. Packaging was also so lovely and felt so personal with the little note and fun stickers!

  308. HappyFlappy

    First ever toy at 27. Never thought I wouldn’t need a partner to procure such sensations. THE POWER IS IN YOUR HAND(s)!!! Only wish it was fully waterproof to use in bath. No other complaints. Immediately bought one for my flatmate. Lovely company that cares about your confidence and orgasms and sends you cute stickers and illustrations. Bless you NG xxxxx

  309. Molly

    Quick to become my lockdown bestie. It’s everything a bullet vibrator can give you, great company with great packaging.

  310. Ange

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It’s the most powerful bullet I’ve used, and it came in the cutest packaging. An absolute treat, great vibes only x

  311. Rachel

    Absolutely brilliant! I have never felt pleasure like it, oh my!! The little personal touches made my day also- would defo recommend!

  312. Angel

    Quite addictive 😉 Packs a powerful punch while (relatively) silent, legit top-notch quality for a reasonable price. The lube is great too.

    The box of cute lil extras and handwritten note felt like a personal care package from a mate <3

    Super rad and fun brand with straight-shootin’, hangup-busting, confidence-boosting message of freedom. So good to hear it. Could use more of this attitude in the world! Thank you Vic!!!

  313. Hannah

    Please do yourself a favour and buy one! Absolutely amazing. Love the size, levels of vibration, and Vic puts in some lovely little touches in the packaging ❤

  314. Hannah

    okay where do i START !! literally the most incredible toy i’ve ever used. this is the only thing i recommend to all of my friends now and literally cannot shut up about it.

  315. Lucy

    Amazing! Loved the handwritten note and sweets

  316. Lauren

    Had it for a couple weeks now and I’m in love, for once I’m confident that I will cum EVERY time😍 the perfect size as well for when I use it with my partner, it doesn’t get in the way and the material is super soft ❤️

  317. Jess

    Great neat little toy this. Small but works it’s magic. Packaging was on point too. Thanks for the Lols and the pleasure

  318. esme


  319. Anya

    Had to take the day off when this arrived because it was orgasm city. Have talked the flatmates into getting them as well. Cannot recommend enough xoxo

  320. Nikki

    Swear I made facial expressions like never before the first time I used this! Ladies if your man’s not doing you right or you got no one for that rn then get yourself one of these and start doing yourself right!! Loved the sweets and the packaging too xx

  321. Amelia

    Love it! For sure a lockdown essential 🙃

  322. Ash

    Really nice range of vibration types, already have my favourites. Charging is quick and simple. Incredibly happy I went with this one instead of other options I was looking at.

  323. Natasha Mula

    Sooo fun, thank god for First Base!!!

  324. Jordan

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! 💦💦💦

  325. Eve

    I spent two weeks debating whether I should buy this, god I’m happy that I did. Vic you’re a genius!

  326. Rox

    Slow pulse mode is my new favourite kind of torture. This small but perfectly formed piece of purple heaven will not disappoint. Explosive orgasms all round. I’ve taken a week off work to get properly acquainted 😉

  327. Elisha


  328. Lara Hill

    Please do yourself a favour and buy this!! I’ve been sexually active for 5 years and had never had a clitoral orgasm until now!! I have tried so many vibrators before and none of them have led to an orgasm, and things with sexual partners have felt great but only penetration has made me finish. AND THIS THEN CAME ALONG! I was sceptical, I thought my clitoris was just not made for orgasms, but this proved me wrong. It’s also so super cute, easy to charge, and comes in the best packaging! Honestly could not recommend enough!!!

  329. Fleve

    This product is the perfect all-rounder, and a must-have for all your self-loving needs. It’s the first vibrator I have ever owned, and I have not looked back ONCE! Especially during the long loooooong months of lockdown, it has proved a very VERY welcome addition. Thanks to the Nakd Grapefruit team for also being so easy to order through, so efficient, and so lovely. The whole process from ordering, delivery, and replacement of my charger (oops) has been nothing but lovely.

  330. Pollyanna

    It’s amazing! Don’t hesitate to buy, honestly you won’t regret it!! Thank you so much Vic, you’re amazing and so lovely!! Your product is a reflection of you… AMAZING!!!

  331. Emily

    The packaging! The extras! The multiple settings! Amazing stuff from an amazing company, and super affordable! Packing serious punch ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  332. EC

    Holy hell what a great time!! Best vibrator I’ve ever bought – do yourself a favour this strange year and buy one of these ASAP

  333. Gemma

    It’s the first lube I’ve ever owned and already the only lube I’d ever buy. 1 or 2 pumps does the job, doesn’t need reapplying, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling & even the bottle is fucking cool. Can’t wait to own more nakedgrapefruitt products! Thank you!

  334. Anna

    My first time using a vibe. Unbelievable results!

  335. Maisy

    Oh my god this is the best thing I own. I was hesitant to buy it but I don’t know why now. Everyone needs one.

  336. Vicky

    Great vibrator for literally anyone especially those like myself only just getting into vibrators. Super cute and small so feels less scary too when you’re just getting into the groove

  337. T.

    ABSOFRICKINSANE!!! Not even going to convince anyone, whoever has it KNOWSSSS the business! ☁️☁️☁️💦

  338. CB


  339. Faye

    Oh my god never felt better! It’s soo powerful! Constantly recommending to friends!!!

  340. Katherine Harris

    I love this! I am so glad that I bought it for myself as a valentines day present. I have recommended it to all my friends!

  341. Ruby byrne

    Omggggg absolutely game changing vibe. Perfect for lazy days at home 😏

  342. Em

    oh my god. I’m speechless the best £25 I’ve ever spent!

  343. Julia


  344. Lou

    Amazing amazing amazing amazing buy it now, buy one for yourself for your bestie for your sister mum gran nan and landlord because THIS BABY will CHANGE. THE. WORLD. PERIOD! Amazing packaging, personal note made my heart melt, this thing seriously packs a punch as well!! Just wow. Vic and team – you’ve changed my life, love from a happy customer and her vagina <3

  345. Victoria

    Was very excited to get this, honestly it is perfect I wouldn’t change a thing!

  346. Saffy

    INCREDIBLE!! Have shouted about this lil baby to all my buddies because I was honestly so blown away. The packaging was also so well thought out..the whole thing was gorgeous!! Thank you thank youu

  347. Hannah

    My first time ever using a vibrator and it is incredible!! The power in this little thing is amazing 🙂 Packaging and leaflets are adorable too, I couldn’t ask for better! I would highly recommend. Thank you so much Vic X

  348. Ivy

    SOOOOO happy with my purchase! Would recommend to anyone and will be buying for pals for sure. My first vibrator and it is awesome, packaging was lovely, so personal and welcoming- what a treat!

  349. Caroline

    ‘Less is more’ has never been more accurate. This little thing is.. a weapon! The game has forever changed. Also, the emails, your Instagram, website, … = EPIC. You’ve simply just nailed it. Safe to say it.. hits the spot 🙂

  350. Billie

    Absolutely game changer!! Wonderful product and incredible vibe to the whole company! Would definitely recommend!

  351. maisie

    changed me as a human

  352. Harriette

    Well THANKYOU for creating a product that truly was an incredible ‘vibe!!’ Amazing brand and brilliant product. I 100% recommend … ‘keep it cuming… please ’

  353. Charlotte

    Stunning I’ve already recommended it to many of my friends. It’s getting me through lockdown x

  354. Bethan Lowe

    Was recommended by a friend and wow!! It’s the best vibrator I’ve ever had along side a brilliantly ran and comical company!!

  355. Carrie

    LOVE! Love this product, the colour, the packaging – everything so perfectly thought through! Highly recommend

  356. Olivia

    Found through Instagram, after contemplating for ages I finally got it an it is amazing!! Definitely recommend to everyone gal, such a stress reliever and a lovely looking little product with so many settings to choose from! Highly recommend!!!

  357. Martha

    I’m inlove with naked grape fruit. Rocked my world, men are redundant. x

  358. A

    perfect as a first vibe!! love the packaging and extras too – thank you naked grapefruit x

  359. Holly

    Amazing! Thank you.

  360. Milly

    BRILLIANT VIBRATOR – can’t stop cumming. Also great company, loved the packaging and customer experience. Will deff be recommending to mates xx

  361. Lily

    Insane product – extremely cute and extremely effective. Big up Naked Grapefruit for getting it bang on!

  362. Karen O’Neill

    Loveeee! Perfect lil vibrator and comes with cool wee bits in the box too.

  363. Miranda Adamson

    so so brilliant!! very much recommend and a decent price for how powerful this little thing is🤩

  364. Zhiyu Li

    Recommended by my friend, now I’m recommending to the others

  365. Regina

    Life changing.

  366. Tori Collins

    Hands down the best vibrator I own. I broke my first one and couldn’t live without it – that’s how you know it’s good. Nothing has ever compared to the power on this! Recommended it to a coworker and she loves it!!

  367. Gem

    I’ve bought several of these clit-menacing pleasure toys to gift ALL the orgasms to my girlfriends. Thanks Vic for building such a cool brand and designing the best vibrator I’ve ever owned 🙌🏻

  368. Georgia

    Better than literally anything I have ever used or anyone has ever done before, I’m never looking back

  369. Emily

    One of the best clit vibrators I’ve had. Very glad I invested, my girlfriend and I are having great fun with this. Also the cartoon, sweets and sticker made this such a fun pack. 100% recommend.
    Fu Freud.

  370. issy glanville

    Holyyyyyyy shittttttt this thing is so powerful you will feel like your whole damn body is vibrating. Trust me you will not get out of bed for 2 days just buy it

  371. Katie Reynolds

    The best international women’s day present to myself!!! Will be recommending to all my friends. Absolutely love the packaging too!

  372. Rona

    I used to think the bullet from Mario Kart was fast, it’s got nothing on this. See ya Luigi

  373. Claire

    If masturbating with this bad boy sends me to hell, then marry me satan

  374. nayomi

    men might be from mars but first base is from a whole other galaxy

  375. Esen Celepu

    Favourite part of my day (every day!)

  376. Mya

    It’s rlly quite good

  377. Anon

    Absolute magic! So many different settings and pulses ! Very happy with this product, great price as well!

  378. caitlin

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  379. Alice

    Why do men exist again?

  380. Lily

    Yeah I won’t lie I haven’t left my bed in a while, jelly beans a plus though, 10/10

  381. Jess

    What a toy! Sleek and small, but mighty. The variety of settings means that there will be something for everyone. I also love the ethos of this company and happily support their mission!

  382. fleur

    this product has allowed me to take ownership of my pleasure for the first time in my life. it means I’m no longer dependent on someone else for when I want to feel good and that I’m in charge of when where and how I want my pleasure, it has been amazing. would absolutely recommend as it gets the job done every. single. time. and it’s amazing to support such a cool buisnis <3

  383. Beth

    the centre of my lockdown love life, incred little bullet (so pretty so sleek) with some fucking fantastic settings for real. sooooo powerful <3

  384. Bella Biddle

    my horoscope today said that ‘pleasure doesn’t have to be expensive’ and this really wasn’t considering i’ve had 5 orgasms and it’s not even lunchtime yet

  385. Selina

    How to rapidly forget an ex and then some. I am now officially in love 🧡

  386. Chloë

    This is the first addition to my new toy collection since I became single and I can’t recommend it enough! Already forgotten about my ex because First Base is so good. If you don’t know then you should get to know 😍

  387. Heather

    Literally the best thing I’ve ever bought! Used it twice in one night. My new best friend. Forever. Thank you Vic, you absolute legend. 💛

  388. Dweeb

    10/10 makes my partner jealous that they can’t make me cum like this boy can

  389. Meg

    Thank god I’m queer and don’t have a boyfriend cause men don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against this lil guy lol

  390. Rachel

    At first I really struggled due to PTSD then after reading and using the guides on how to over come it has really helped.
    I can say that first base is AMAZING!! Not only an amazing product but a great account!!
    Thank you so much x

  391. tamsy

    i bought this after following NG on insta and loving the mission the seem to be on, it arrived in such a cute box – i felt like I’m really taking care of myself, and then the little vibrator itself has become my go to for a quick orgasm! so good, i love it so much i ordered one as a surprise for my best mate and she was so chuffed too! can’t recommend more highly 🙂

  392. Zora

    Great for beginners! loved the creative packaging style ngl! Them jelly beans got to me
    Thank you xx

  393. luna pelopida

    ay Dios mio. 😅😅😅🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🤩

  394. Millie Tomlinson-Naylor

    Loveee it!!!

  395. Ffion S-W

    This magical little tool served me better in one night than my ex did in a whole year. Honestly the best purchase I have made in a long time. You best believe the hype. Anyone in doubt, try it and find out. Also the best packaging I’ve seen from a company. Truly beautiful. Will bring irl tears to your eyes (setting 3 is mind blowing). Thank you for blessing us with this xx

  396. Hollie

    This has changed my life, that is all I have to say

  397. Amy Rolfe

    I have slept with a fair few people, but never have I ever reached my climax and orgasmed so quickly or felt so good until I used this magical little toy. Best purchase I have ever made!

  398. Hattie

    the best 26 quid i have ever fucking spent. found myself havin stupid one night stands w stupid useless boys- no fucking longer m8. naked grapefruit i love you

  399. Georgia

    Changed. My. Life. First vibrator I’ve tried and not sure I could possibly need any others when it’s this good?!

  400. Polly

    just the best, tbh.

  401. Neri

    I’m tempted to call my ex and tell them that I came more times with this in one night, than I did in our entire 1.5 year relationship… or is that mean? 🤭 #FuHim

  402. Holly Bazley

    I love first base, not only is it a great vibrator but the customer service is excellent. Had a faulty one and git it replaced very fast with excellent communication from Vic.

  403. Izzy

    Bloody love my new friend! It’s spot on in terms of feel, settings and quality. Might be nice to have a lower setting but hey, I’m not complaining!

  404. Gemma

    Can we talk about setting 3 for a moment…?!

  405. kajal vince

    This shit is legit!
    No exaggeration. £25.99 well spent. Powerful, portable AF!
    The first toy I’ve used properly with my current partner. Even he loves it? Good ol’ tingle in the balls for him while pleasure myself during sex. HOT FOR IIIIIT!
    If you’re hesitating to buy, DON’T! Just buy it. I’d hesitated for about 6 months (cuz I’m broke) but, I have no regrets!!!

  406. Grace Jenks

    Worth every penny. I recommend it to all of my friends. Perfect packaging too.

  407. Ri

    I’ve struggled to cum all my life and actually thought something was wrong with me. After reading some of the Naked Grapefruit blogs I decided to order the First Base and Lube together, which have literally changed my sex life, never looking back. Thanks so much ladies, keep doing what you’re doing <3

  408. Lorn

    There are no words… moans, groans, squeaks… but no words that can describe what this little bullet of joy can offer. I thought I knew my body… but i was only touching the surface… literally. My only fuss would be that it can get hot, but thats probably down to me. I just never want to switch it off. Get one! You will not be disappointed.

  409. GM

    Very powerful and discreet!
    Love it. X

  410. Laura

    So powerful! I love it so much. Finish soo easily with it!

  411. Lyssa

    Never had trouble coming before but ho-ly fuck.. this is something else. I put it on setting 2 straight away cos I thought I’d be able to handle it..almost spontaneously combusted it was so intense!
    My partner absolutely adores it too, we’ve been having lots of fun! 💦

    Whether you’re new to self love or you’re a seasoned pro – you will not regret this purchase! 👌

  412. Liv

    A fab fab purchase! Cute colour, pocket sized and the packaging was everything. More than that the voice and platform behind first base is so important. Thanks for all you do for female pleasure

  413. J

    This made me delete hinge and tell a selfish shag exactly what he was doing wrong. I’ve never cum using a vibrator before either !!!!

  414. Robyn

    my only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner. if you’re debating it I encourage you to go ahead and treat yourself and your mates and your mum and your nan and your neighbour Shirley just spread the word this thing is magic xxx

  415. mads x

    honestly life changing!!! makes me orgasm SO hard and also great to use with a partner!! I had never owned a vibrator before so this one is great for any user, whether ur a vibrator pro or an absolute newbie like I was. love the 2nd and 5th setting especially !! also great supporting an independent feminist business x

  416. Juliette

    This vibrator just made me squirt for the first time ever !!! So not only groundbreaking, this vibrator is AMAZING. This company is AMAZING. The gorgeous packaging, complete with sweets & a lil story book about the clit on an adventure, all made for the most empowering & powerful wank of my life. Hooray !!!

  417. Abi

    Recommended to my mum. Need I say more? Believe all the hype, practise some self love and BUY THIS!

  418. Becca

    Love setting four! Could do with a lower setting but overall best vibrator I’ve owned!

  419. Rox

    Buying my 2nd one. Because the first one is that fucking good, I need one downstairs so I don’t have to stop sexy times to retrieve it from my nightstand. Considering a 3rd for my handbag. Seriously why don’t you have one in your basket already? YOU WON’T REGRET IT

  420. Fran

    I mean the best purchase on 2021. Definitely worth every penny

  421. Frankie

    amazing and recharges super fast!!

  422. Amy

    This is in my top five things I ever found on the internet. Definitely worth a punt if you’re unsure. I use this more than any of the vibrators I have now.

  423. Mills

    my nd my vulva / vagina are sensitive souls and this vibe and lube helped me have pain free and good sex for the first time 💘💘💘

  424. L

    Never managed to get off using a toy before but literally had 6 orgasms in a row and now I’m converted. Already recommended to all of my friends!

  425. Chloe

    Obsessed, this is so so so so good, why have I never owned rechargeable sex toys until now??? Orgasms for DAYS

  426. Michelle

    One word – AMAZING

  427. Jade

    5 stars isn’t actually enough for this mighty little bullet! I thought I had cum from clit stimulation before.. but after using this bad boy I knew I hadn’t! I have not experienced an organism from a sex toy before because I’ve always been too in my head to let go but SETTING 3 give you no option. Every women deserves one of these government mandated just to get us through another day of the patriarchal bullshit. Do yourself a favour. Get it. The reviews are not lying!

  428. jess

    honestly my best friend, never lets me down- also came with the cutest packaging & lil vegan sweeties 10/10

  429. Matilda Prescott

    Amazing vibrator, great company and free vegan jelly beans! 🥰 Obsessed

  430. Bri

    OMG!!!!! Can’t BELIEVE I didn’t buy sooner!!!!! My orgasms with this are just other worldly!!!! I was late for work the day it arrived because I just couldn’t stop 😩😩

  431. Em

    Highly recomend! You wont be dissapointed!

  432. Niamh

    After having a really rubbish experience recently spending a lot of money on a highly rated vibrator and being disappointed, I was apprehensive to buy another one.

    But oh my how this little thing has so much power I don’t know, honestly incredible and pretty quiet!!

    I actually took it with me on a date the other day and can confirm it’s great for playing with others too.

  433. Anja

    Top fitness tip – put on your fave setting, cum, do 30 crunches/bicycle kicks, put it on again, cum again… repeat as many times as you can 😉 you’ll have abs of steel in no time

  434. Natalie

    I’m getting one for everyone I know! I love the multiple different settings. The packaging was descreet, I loved the little extras that came with it like the vegan sweets and the clit story. But what I love the most is that it works and I feel very satisfied afterwards.

  435. Kiran

    After not being able to finish for almost a year I finally caved in and brought this and honestly, it’s the best £25.99 I’ve ever spent. I’ve already brought it again for a few friends so they can enjoy the magic too😉.

  436. Lee

    I love it, it’s given me a hell of a lot more confidence in my body and my orgasm. Even the guy I’m seeing loves using on me too! Win win!!

  437. Tasssssss

    So good I’ve written a haiku.

    A purple delight
    Made me cum like nothing else
    Recommend to all

    Basically stop fannying around and order first base now because my god it is a TREAT. 10/10 and setting three is just impeccable.

  438. April

    I had to change my bedsheets after using this for the first time ☺

  439. Gloria

    I’ve had many bullets and vibrators and this is one of my favorites!! Many settings (even though I don’t use all of them), so smooth and I feel good about not having to buy replacement batteries and wrecking the environment. Orgasm wise – delivers every time!

    If you’re wondering whether to buy this, wonder no further. Worth it. Plus the packaging and cute clit zine are 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  440. Tabs Wilkinson


  441. Rini

    Honestly, I wish I got this sooner – like WOW 😍 Can’t recommend this enough!!!

  442. Dotty

    The best ever!!! Settings are crazy good!!

  443. Millie

    Wow 🤩 powerful little thing

  444. T

    Honestly, I had the time of my life with this beauty last night!! Arrived within a few days and ripped the packaged open when I got home from work. Couldn’t stop smiling after the first go so launched straight into a longer, sensual play time and MY WORDDDD!!! I’ve never cum so much or so hard before!!! Sensational work

  445. Izzy

    A super little thing that deserves all the awards. Thank you for making my nights at home well spent!

  446. Beth

    Done with boy drama & bought this instead, it even came charged 👌

  447. Lucy

    Brought first base as my first ever sex toy, after coming of out of a long term relationship. I was skeptical at first but I’m so grateful I brought this lil purple clit bit!! It taught me that my pleasure during sex IS important and that I should prioritize it:) sex had always been somewhat unsatisfactory! I feel more confident now, as I can give myself allllll the satisfaction I need haha. I recommend first base 2 all my friends and anyone who wants to treat their clit to a an early Chrimbo! Best £30 you’ll ever spend.

  448. ivy

    somehow even better than a strong shower head ,, best thing i’ve ever bought

  449. Honor Fitzgerald

    there are no words for this product. just loud moans. i have never cum so much from masturbating EVER. now i’m off for a nap because i’m DONE in. perfect for single use or use during sex in ANY position. go wild and BUY THIS TOY.

  450. Yasmin Fahy

    So you know when you got a new teddy bear as a kid and suddenly all your old toys just sat in the cupboard? That’s basically exactly what will happen if you buy first base

  451. Izzy

    So happy! I was really worried about buying this as have wasted my money in the past – but this lil vibrator really lived up to the hype! It really does pack a punch !!! Even 1st setting is mighty lol even better than expectations. Also so so cute and pretty. Love the zine and sweets too such a lovely touch ❤️ Deffo recommend this to anyone considering buying it – seriously worth it! I waited about 6 months and wish I hadn’t. Thanks guys!

  452. Seaneen

    It’s proper good, got it for my girlfriend and she loves it, sweet settings, powerful and quiet!
    I tried it myself and I was apprehensive because I don’t usually like bullets and don’t make me cum, BUT this one did 💦
    Lit won’t regret 10/10
    I recommend to everyone

  453. Kyarna

    You will be amazed at what the little thing can do. I went places I couldn’t imagine. An easy recommendation

  454. Jemma J

    Have you taken drugs? Well now there’s no need! Just buy this instead because it’s better than anything you’ve taken.
    Even my boyfriend wants one

  455. Zoe

    All I can say is shaBANG!!! This is THE Vibration for the Nation!!

  456. Bea

    I don’t think the English language has words to explain how good this is

  457. Lauren

    I love this product – had a bullet before this one and it did nothing for me but this one, even the first setting is incredible. It’s great to use alone and with someone else and I can’t recommend enough! It also feels great to support a small business run by women who actually care and make a difference- from the extra bits that come in the packaging (the story and stickers etc) to your activism on Instagram, makes such a difference to people’s lives. Keep doing what you are doing! (And everyone else buy this product)

  458. The girl who bought this cuz her friends tinder match bought it for her and she recommended it to me :)

    This product has made me realise I lied to my ex about all the times I came.

  459. marthamayw17

    Amazing, honestly was scared to spend money on this but it was 100% worth it!! Especially now as I want nails 😂 it’s so easy to use with many settings so you can use whatever is best for you, I really recommend to everyone! (Long story short it makes u cum so fast ;). )

  460. Megan B

    Amazing!! I have had problems orgasming since being on SSRI medication and this is the best solution I’ve found. From a friendly, sex-positive, independent business too!! My other toys are gonna be neglected for a while, that’s for sure. Thank you First Base!

    P.S my girlfriend loves it too :* xxx

  461. Charlotte

    Um. Wow. Just buy it.
    (Also lube and socks, gotta catch ‘em all)

  462. anon

    idk who needs to hear this but GET THIS VIBRATOR RIGHT NOW !!!!!! this is the best toy i have ever used and it just made me feel things i didn’t even know were possible to feel. literally a godsent. GET THIS AND YOU’LL BE SO GRATEFUL U DID

  463. kat

    God exists and their name is First Base

  464. Maggie

    Just buy it, the best vibrator you’ll find.

  465. Toni

    My favourite thing in the entire world. Can take it with me wherever I go… which is very helpful when I end up at a guys house and need that extra ✨help✨

  466. Fi

    Honestly blown away, great vibe, great price, great times.

  467. Addi

    the vibrator of superstars

  468. Kat

    SHAMAZING just do it buy it. Was pondering for a few months but the best £25.99 I’ve spent in a long time. Half the size and double the ability of other vibrators. AND RECHARGEABLE

  469. Mo

    Not one to leave a review but when it’s this good, how could you not?

  470. Emma

    Small and mighty, i take it everywhere xxxx

  471. Molly Isherwood

    The best purchase for yourself ever!!! So much better than other ones I’ve bought and feels so much nicer! Customer service is great too, quick replies and speedy to sort out any problems! Love it!

  472. Chaz

    Honestly, it’s great! Just buy it

  473. Abigail

    Christ, wasn’t really sure what to expect but I’m….WOW

  474. Ruth

    Incredible, dependable

  475. KT

    Believe me when I say nuthin compares 2 u

  476. Romilly

    Took me a while to buy but I wish I bought it MONTHS ago, my other vibrators could never 😮

  477. Helen

    Fell in love with a girl and her name is first base

  478. Suze

    Get it and have a wank, feel good.

  479. Ella

    Get one, you won’t regret it

  480. Elizabeth

    My first vibrator ever and can honestly say it’s life changing

  481. Lauren

    Christ almighty it’s a powerful little fucker

  482. Zara

    Never really been into wanking and didn’t think i could cum then i tried this and everything changed. So so so good, can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long

  483. Emily Riley

    u won’t regret buying it 😉

  484. Maddi Shrimpling

    obsessed, everyone should have one of these. so much fun ehehe x

  485. jess

    my first one died on me and i ordered a new one immediately. can’t live without it, thank u for the orgasms first base xxxxx

  486. Barb

    All night long (40 secs at a time tho)

  487. Imogen

    Think my housemates are worried about me cos I now spend all day in bed with my new best friend

  488. Millie

    Buy this for everyone in your life with a clit. Genuinely, best and most multiple orgasms ever, the only thing that can meet my sex drive. And definitely better than my ex.

  489. Millie

    Buy this for everyone in your life with a clit. Genuinely, best and most multiple orgasms ever, the only thing that can meet my sex drive. And definitely better than my ex.

  490. Bekee

    I’ve wanted one of these for years and it does not disappoint! Nothing/no one has made me cum better!!!
    (Once I’d got over the amazing packaging)

  491. A

    CHANGED MY LYFE 4EVA. Not joking you – had the best orgasmina ive ever experienced and i- i just live for it. So. If you also want that and not a shitty male fiddling around then PLEASE GET IT! she’s giving male manipulator cutie king mama yassification boots the house down cum realness to the max xoxo

  492. J

    This took me a while to get used to I hadn’t used bullet type vibrators since my first one … but after some practise I was having orgasms in just under a minute. 10/10 recommend to revamp your solo sex life xoxo

  493. Amy

    WOW!!! I bought this as a break up present to myself and holy hell I’m gonna stay single for a while because this is ALL I NEED!!! Setting no 7 blew me away. Defo get it if you are wanting a 2022 filled with orgasms and self love x

  494. Erick

    I bought this for my girlfriend and then she broke up with me! Haha, I’m just kidding. But seriously she loves your product, we’ve had fun with it together and she’s had fun with it alone. She lost hers so I bought two replacements, one to keep at each flat. Keep up the good work. Here’s to happy clits everywhere!

  495. Ava


  496. Jill

    5/5 amazing!

  497. Kiran

    I squirted for the first time. That is all.

  498. Shameem

    Fucking amazing !!!! Amazing business, amazing people, amazing packaging, amazing orgasms. Just dopamine central really

  499. F

    Amazing feeling, great size, easy to charge and quiet.

  500. Liberty

    Made mine and my partners covid isolations considerably more enjoyable, absolutely mind blown at this pocket rocket

  501. A

    This device is amazing. So cute and additive. My new best friend🥰

  502. anna

    save water, buy a vibrator

  503. Tilly

    I’d give up gravy for this.

  504. Morgan

    a stunning piece of kit.

  505. Elinor

    I have bought every single one of my friends a Mabel over the past year and I can confirm they are all on the hype, 12/10.

  506. Antonia


  507. Charlie

    Get one for ur ma and ur sis and every other woman you know. Everyone will feel better, trust me.

  508. Luce

    Had to cum twice just to check it was as good as I thought. it was.

  509. Hallie

    Thought I was getting a vibrator, instead I got a life altering orgasm. Cool.

  510. Evira

    Like a drug

  511. Nina

    Heard about you from a friend, was everything she said it would be and more, thks so muchhh xoxoxo

  512. Bertie

    Taste the rainbow

  513. Lis

    Here to say, the reviews live up to the product wow!! Never had an orgasm like it

  514. Sofia

    More than a vibrator. Thanks for the mems

  515. Louisa

    I thought i was gonna be done but it just kept on going. longest orgasm of my life and feel you needed to know it

  516. Roisin

    My friend told me about you, and honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who’s never used Mabel

  517. Riz

    Fucking hell

  518. Paola

    So glad I discovered this little gem, best vibrator i’ve ever had

  519. Stacey-Lou

    Powerful but quiet with enough different settings for everyone. Get one

  520. Emma

    Worra gem

  521. Hallie

    Not exaggerating when I say this changed my life. I always struggled to orgasm and thought something was wrong with me. Thanks soooo much for everything you do

  522. Marilyn

    Best decision I ever made

  523. Elle

    Told all my friends consider me your number one fan woooo

  524. Autumnnn

    I got it a few months ago and now I take it EVERYWHERE!!!

  525. Estelle

    Tbh probs bad how much I wanna just stay in and wank with first base

  526. Milz

    No orgasm has ever felt as good as this did!!! Incredible!!!

  527. Elise

    Shiver me timbers

  528. Iz

    Told my friends, they all got jealous and bought one, ya welcome

  529. Orla

    best orgasm everrrrr!!!

  530. Michael

    Small but powerful. Exceptional results. My girlfriend and I both enjoyed it a lot. Thank you! 🙂

  531. Rhona

    Best purchase I’ve made, possibly ever

  532. Dominika

    holy moly

  533. Char

    dont think there’s anyone I’ve not told about this bad boy now

  534. Michaela

    Powerful lil bastard

  535. Pippa

    Was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype my friends told me, can tell you now that it does. Consider me your new ambassador

  536. Lisa

    Don’t normally leave reviews but it’d be rude not to after the orgasms it gives me

  537. Tabitha

    Never cum as easily as this, my boyfriend didn’t know what hit him

  538. Stella

    Best bang for my buck i’ve ever spent

  539. Susannah


  540. Emily

    I never leave reviews, ever but this deserves to be on a fucking billboard. I thought my whole body was going to take off. Best orgasm I’ve ever had. Wowowowow. BUY IT IF YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE THE SEXIEST QUEEN TO EVER CUM XXXX

  541. Bella

    believe the hype, number 1

  542. Anonymous

    hubba hubba

  543. Niamh

    Hands down the greatest orgasm of my life!

  544. Paula

    They’re not lying when they say it’s powerful. It’s great for being so portable, my go to vibrator

  545. Melinda

    Taste the rainbow

  546. Jess

    Never had much luck with bullets but didn’t have high hopes. But I have never been more surprised, SUPER strong and feels incred, lots of fun settings that I haven’t even tried yet cuz the first few were so effective l – perfect size to use with a partner too. 100% recommend.

  547. Susie

    Holy shit, was not expecting such power 10/10

  548. Anonymous


  549. Felicity

    So good I ordered another one as my travel companion

  550. Anonymous

    I came

  551. Anonymous

    Exactly what I hoped for, excellent!

  552. Abi W.

    Oh this was good. Intense. But great. Have had to recharge twice already. It’s been quite the week… told all my friends. X

  553. Anonymous

    I came, I shrieked, I squirted.
    This baby was all I hoped for and more. The fact that I don’t have to mess around with batteries, and that this baby has seven settings?? Damn.
    Do yourself a favour and get one as soon as you can.
    Can Mabel run for Prime Minister, please?

  554. Marie

    Quite simply incredible

  555. Chez

    Since I got Mabel, I now only ever want to use this, mind-blowing!!!

  556. Anonymous

    Amazing! If anything I came TOO quickly – if there is such a thing. Excellent size and lovely and smooth silicone, it feels nice even to just touch when you’re not using it. Cute. It is SUCH good value :)) TYSM!!!

  557. Anonymous

    Insane vibrator!
    beautiful and cute design, extremely powerful, and perfect for use during sex due to its small size.
    Great value for money!
    I honestly just had such a fantastic orgasm, thank you!

  558. Thea

    Seriously powerful 💦

  559. Caroline

    Didn’t even get to try all the settings before it blew my brains off. Can’t recommend enough.

  560. Anonymous

    Listen, I am one of the few women who are blessed to have a giving boyfriend but .. oh boy! This vibrator could (almost) give him a run for his money. If you have been thinking about it, buy it NOW. Best vibrator ever. Life changing! Not the mention the most amazing and lovely team who run this revolutionary company. I will never look anywhere else for a vibratory ever again. I love you!

  561. Elizabeth Walsh

    My second one and…damn… makes me go though whatever the reverse of the 5 stages of grief is…. loudly

  562. Ruth

    Simply Stunning

  563. bethany bridgen

    Yes, I did

  564. Devan M.

    Small but mighty!! Had a fantastic time alone. Just what I needed. Amazing!!!

  565. Kira

    Yeaaaaa….they know what they’re doing with this one!!

  566. Anonymous

    The perfect strength, whilst maintaining softness – i lo0ve it!

  567. Anonymous

    Powerful little thing! 10/10

  568. Nat (verified owner)

    Pure heaven 💦
    Who knew the perfect orgasm came in such fabulous packaging.

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