Yup, you’re in the right place. Naked Grapefruit is now Dirty Gurty, find out why we’ve changed.

Women’s Problems

Under the guise of Dirty Gurty, we’ll still be selling First Base, just with more of a focus on women’s problems. What are they? If you know, let me know @ 30@dirtygurty.com

Every dollar we receive will go into a (hopefully) big old pot that everyone can see (once I’ve sorted the website out). This’ll then be used to solve ‘women’s problems’, anything from helping a homeless woman get some period products to funding research into new contraception.

How will you hear about all this? Precisely – what’s the point of doing a potentially good deed if you’re not getting external validation from others? Join the email.

    Kick Off

    To kick things off with Dirty Gurty, we’re utilising the big footballing shitshow in Qatar. Instead of boycotting it, we thought we’d use the platform to draw attention to outdated English tropes and fallacies of jingoism, whilst still supporting the lads.

    Lie back and think of England – A fucked up idiotic idiom that just so happens to look very cool on the St George’s cross. So why not plaster it everywhere with all proceeds going towards funding ‘women’s problems’.

    Wanna read more about why we’ve done this? Go here. Or, if you’re already sold buy a flag and or shirt, help the cause, subvert the saying, support the lads.

    Don’t worry, your orgasms are still the order of the day. Get First Base here.

    Need to get in touch? 30@dirtygurty.com